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A successful gas industry partner for more than 30 years

As a specialist in gas technology, WEH has been developing safe & dependable components for the assembly of technical gas systems and plants for well-known global gas manufacturers for more than 30 years.

  • Shut-off valves for filling, mixing and regulating gases
  • Vacuum pressure relief modules for the protection of vacuum pumps
  • Gas filters for the filtration of inert/combustible gases and oxygen
  • Check valves for backflow protection in gas mixing plants

The safety, reliability and leak-tightness of the media-conducting components are of paramount importance when handling gases. Thanks to our policy of using only high-quality materials and with all our products boasting the “Made in Germany” seal, WEH products continue to satisfy the growing demands of gas technology.

Comprehensive quality controls, from the design phase to serial production, ensure the safety of WEH products. These are designed in accordance with the requirements of Article 4 (3) of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and WEH maintains certification in accordance with Appendix III, Module H. If called for by a preceding risk assessment, equipment and component groups for use with oxygen are also subject to an adiabatic compression test or pressure surge test (also known as an “oxygen burn-out test”), which confirms their suitability for highly sensitive applications.

Quick Connectors for filling, testing and evacuating of gas cylinders

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