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WEH®TVR400 screw-in valve with flow rate in the direction of screw rotation
for hydraulic and pneumatic applications


Take advantage of the unique functionality


Their compact design means that the check valves take up very little space and are thus very cost-effective.

Manufactured from high-quality materials and 'Made in Germany', the check valves are very durable and robust, making them ideal for industrial use.


The screw-in valves are mechanical shut-off valves which allow the media to flow freely and at a high flow rate in the direction of screw rotation from a cracking pressure of 0.5 bar, and simultaneously shut off the flow of the media in the other direction.

TVR400 (DN = 3.6 mm): Kv = 0.286 (Cv = 0.331)
Drop in pressure in bar
Discharge in m3/h (water)
TVR400 (DN = 6 mm): Kv = 0.640 (Cv = 0.743)
Drop in pressure in bar
Discharge in m3/h (water)
TVR400 (DN = 7 mm): Kv = 1.203 (Cv = 1.395)
Drop in pressure in bar
Discharge in m3/h (water)

The flow curves were determined according to the standards DIN/EN 60534-2. The curves refer to cavitation-free flow (water). Constrictions at the inlet and outlet reduce the flow rate.


The screw-in valves are soft-sealing thanks to a spring-loaded sealing cone with an O-ring. Unlike metallically sealing valve seats, they are characterised by high leak tightness and low leakage.

max. +200°C
max. 250 bar


Hydraulic und pneumatic applications with temperatures of up to max. + 200 °C and pressures up to max. 250 bar do not present a problem.


Installation is very easy. The check valves can simply be screwed into bores with internal thread using an Allen key. The screw-in valves are available in different connection sizes.

G1/8" - G3/8" male
M10x1.0 - M18x1.5 male


The TVR400 screw-in valves are ideal for hydraulic and pneumatic applications in the following areas:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Material handling
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry


The WEH® TVR400 is a compact screw-in valve which, with a compelling soft-sealing design and high leak tightness, being ideal for applications in the high-temperature sector.


Nominal bore (DN)Acc. to design
Max. allowable operating pressure PS250 bar
Cracking pressure PC0.5 bar ± 0.2 bar
Temperature range-20 °C up to max. +200 °C
Leak rateMax. 1x10-3 mbar x l/s (gas-tight)
Housing materialStainless steel
Spring materialStainless steel
Sealing material DWFKM
Valve seatCone seal (with internal O-ring)
Flow directionIn direction of screw rotation
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